Long Beach Police Department (CA)

K9 Credo was shot and killed while deployed at a barricade situation involving a man wanted in connection with shooting several other people. Credo was assisting the agency’s SWAT team in…
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Victim reports that she attended a party briefly with a former boyfriend in the city of Long Beach near her residence. The ex-boyfriends new girlfriend assaulted her without cause. The victim called the police and left the residence. Though she reported the crime as the victim the police interviewed the other party first and arrested her upon contact for assault and disturbing the peace. The victim reports that she was abused during the arrest and mistreated while in police custody. Victim reports that she was not allowed to be released from custody until she cleaned up her own vomit. Victim reports that she was hyperventilating and ill during the entire incarceration but was denied medical care repeatedly by jail staff.
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Long Beach Police Department (CA)


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