Fountain County Sheriff’s Office (IN)

K9 Tyson passed away as the result of heat exhaustion he suffered while tracking three subjects wanted for robbing a pharmacy in Danville, Illinois, the previous day. Tyson was taken to…
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This a video compilation of just a few of the 1,000+ Bobby Bass Supporters in honor of wrapping up the 2014 Primary Election for Fountain County Sheriff. And here’s a message from Bobby Bass himself as seen on

Dear Citizens of Fountain County,

As the 2014 Primary Election comes to an end, I am asking you, The Citizens of Fountain County, for your support and vote. With your help, we can make Fountain County Drug Free. I have a child in the community and I am worried that if something is not done, WE as a county will lose this war on drugs. I have spent more than half of my life protecting the citizens of Indiana. I began my law enforcement career as an officer in Attica. I then spent 14 years serving the citizens as an Indiana State Trooper. During my tenure as a Trooper, I served six and a half years on the Emergency Response Team (SWAT). Also during my career, I worked interdiction, where I would drive up and down the interstate looking for drugs. During that time, I also taught classes on how to recognize drug impairment. After fourteen years, I retired to become your Fountain County Sheriff.

In 2003, I took office where I began working constantly, to stop the drug problem that was in front of us. During my eight years as YOUR Fountain County Sheriff, I worked to set up a five man dive team that could respond to any calls. I made sure that the Fountain County Sheriff’s Department could respond to any call, Land or Water.

I prided myself in making the deputies of Fountain County some of the best officers in the State of Indiana. I made sure every deputy in the department had the same opportunity to attend schools. I felt confident that when a 911 call was made, the officers could handle the situation with professionalism. I trusted my officers with my life and I hope they trusted me with their life. I knew when a family needed help our department would be there to help.
During my time as your sheriff, I worked with multiple agencies, FBI, ATF, DEA, IMMAGRATION, SECRET SERVICE, Indiana State Police, and the surrounding departments. With their help, we were able to crack down on crime in Fountain County.
I am asking for your support and vote on May 6th. Eight years were not long enough to accomplish everything. Once again, I am ready and prepared to take on the fight against drugs, I am ready and prepared to make Fountain County Safe Again, I AM READY AND PREPARED TO “PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AS MY OWN”, and I AM READY and PREPARED to “REINSTATE THE MEANING OF PROTECT AND SERVE”

Robert ‘Bobby’ Bass

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Fountain County Sheriff’s Office (IN)


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