Latest firearms digest published

Firearms licences, flow of guns from Balkans and medical referral system for gun owners all feature.
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Lote de 2 Antiguos Libros de Armas. 1) “Gun Digest Book Of Gun Accesories and Services” – The most Complete Collection of Gun-Related Items Ever Assembled. 320 paginas. Follett Publishing Company / Chicago. Año 1979. Gran tamaño. 27 x 21 cm. En Ingles. What´s available in Accesories, Equipment, Services Customizing Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns Black Powder items, Custom Guns, Etc Etc. 2) “The ABC’s of Reloading. The definitive guide to every facet of cartridge and shotshell reloading, etc. DBI Books Inc. Usa Año 1988. 288 Paginas (6 de ellas subrayadas) En Ingles. Gran Tamaño: 27 x 21 cm.
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Latest firearms digest published


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