Ruger’s New 9mm SR1911 Commander


Ruger has just announced the release of their new SR1911 9mm Commander pistol. Following in the tradition of Ruger’s fine assortment of .45 ACP Model 1911 pistols, this is Ruger’s first 1911 chambered in the increasingly popular 9mm. As the market continues to experience a resurgence in popularity for the Model 1911 continues to grow, so too have the demands for 9mm versions of the venerable Browning pistol.

The new 9mm SR1911 maintains many of the features familiar to the other SR1911 pistols. The features on the new SR1911 are more in line with a custom shop production than a standard production pistol. This market approach appears to be Ruger’s standard operating procedure, as we’ve seen incredible features on the Ruger Precision Rifle.

The new 9mm SR1911 is full of custom features.

The new 9mm SR1911 is full of custom features.

Ruger SR1911 9mm

Ruger has been making 1911 pistols for several years, and their .45 ACP versions of the SR1911 have been recognized as high quality pistols featuring upgrades most often found on custom shop or after-market handguns. The SR1911 includes all of the operating features of a standard Colt Model 1911. This new SR1911 in 9mm is aimed at taking a slice of the market becoming more popular as the 9mm cartridge has seen a significant resurgence lately.

An extended beavertail grip safety provides enhanced grip during shooting.

An extended beavertail grip safety provides enhanced grip during shooting.

There is no doubt the venerable Model 1911 has been experiencing a huge influx of demand. The U.S. Marines Special Operations put down their Beretta M9’s briefly for the MARSOC 1911, before transitioning to the Glock 19. In a push back to the popularity of striker-fired, polymer framed pistols, there has been a significant minority of handgun enthusiasts that have rallied around the 1911 as the superior handgun. Ruger is willing to feed this group with a very nice 1911 option.

Starting with a CNC-machined stainless steel barrel and bushing are made from the same bar stock, and on the same machine in what Ruger claims will produce superior accuracy. The slide and frame are also CNC-machined for greater detail and feature over less expensive forging. There is a positive barrel lock-up during firing to ensure accuracy out of the box.

An oversized ejection port, and visual chamber port are standard features on the SR1911.

An oversized ejection port, and visual chamber inspection port are standard features on the SR1911.

The Ruger 9mm SR1911 comes with an oversized ejection port to reduce the chances of stove-pipe failures. The 9mm SR1911 will have an extended magazine release for positive and faster manipulation. Skelotonized trigger and hammer reduce weight while providing a crisp, light trigger pull with short, positive reset. An oversized beavertail grip safety provides improved grip during rapid follow-up shots. The 3-dot Novak LoMount Carry sights are designed for concealed carry, while giving the shooter a decent sighting system. The thumb safety and slide stop are extended for greater manipulation.

The skeletonized trigger reduces weight, and is designed for light pull and quick reset.

The skeletonized trigger reduces weight, and is designed for light pull and quick reset.

The SR1911 9mm will come with a visual inspection port to confirm chamber loaded status. Each 9mm SR1911 will come with (2) 9-round magazines, providing a fully loaded pistol with a 10-round capacity.

Ruger SR1911 9mm Features

  • Classic, original 1911 Series 70 design
  • Precision CNC-machined process for superior slide-to-frame fit
  • Positive barrel lock-up for superior out of the box accuracy
  • Oversized ejection port, and extended magazine release
  • Replaceable grip panels and checkered backstrap
  • Lightweight, aluminum, skeltonized trigger
  • Crisp, no creep, light trigger pull with quick, positive reset
  • Lightweight, skeletonized hammer
  • Dovetailed, high visibility 3-dot Novak® LoMount Carry
  • Drift adjustable rear and standard front sights
  • Oversized beavertail grip safety provides positive function and reliability
  • Extended thumb safety and slide stop lever for improved manipulation
  • Integral plunger tube for slide stop and thumb safety is not staked, will not come loose
  • Standard recoil guide system and flat mainspring housing
  • Visual inspection port for confirmation of loaded or empty chamber
  • Rear slide serrations for positive slide grip
  • Accepts standard, and aftermarket 1911 parts and accessories
  • Includes: Swaged link pin; titanium firing pin; (2) 9-round stainless steel magazines; and a bushing wrench.
The new Ruger SR1911 Commander in 9mm.

The new Ruger SR1911 Commander in 9mm, is much more than good looking.

Ruger SR1911 9mm Specifications

  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel
  • Slide Finish: Low-Glare Stainless
  • Grip Frame: Gray Anodized Aluminum
  • Grip Panels: Black Rubberized
  • Overall Length: 7.75 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
  • Width: 1.34 inches
  • Height: 5.45 inches
  • Weight: 29.3 ounces (unloaded)
  • Sights: Drift Adjustable Novak® 3-Dot
  • Capacity: 9+1
  • Grooves: 6
  • Twist Rate: 1:10 RH
  • MSRP: $ 979.00.
Law enforcement is no stranger to 1911 handguns photo by

Law enforcement is no stranger to 1911 handguns (photo by

The 9mm SR1911 and Law Enforcement

There are law enforcement agencies, and individual officers, already carrying a Model 1911 in various configurations. As the popularity of the design continues to grow there will likely be more agencies that consider or choose a 1911 model to carry. Many agencies will likely stay traditional, and select a model chambered in .45ACP. However, with the popularity and improved performance of the 9mm cartridge there will be a stronger push for pistols in this caliber.

There are several benefits to 9mm. Modern advancements have vastly improved the performance of 9mm in FBI gelatin testing and even intermediate barriers. Being smaller reduces weight, but provides an opportunity for higher capacity. The SR1911 in 9mm has a 10-round capacity, which is 2-3 rounds greater than most .45 ACP 1911 models.

In addition, 9mm ammunition is recognizably cheaper than .40 S&W and .45 ACP, allowing agencies to lower costs, and perhaps improve training. The features of the SR1911 greatly improve the overall performance of the 1911 pistol, and the 9mm is usually shot much better by a wide range of officer types, than .45 ACP.

Final Thoughts

The Model 1911 is a very popular pistol design today, even over 100 years after its initial appearance. As more shooters are drawn to the design the discussion on duty and off-duty carry must consider the 1911’s presence. Though traditional 1911 shooters stick with the 7-round (occasionally 8-round) .45 ACP models, most in law enforcement would not recognize the capacity as sufficient for potential deadly threat confrontations.

However, the 9mm SR1911 has a 10-round capacity that could meet minimal expectations for capacity. The SR1911 Commander is a compact version of the original 1911 design, providing greater potential for both on-duty and off-duty carry. This new Ruger pistol is probably a bit too large for a back-up pistol, but it is not outside the possibility.

The price of the 9mm SR1911 is one of the biggest drawbacks, as many agencies are able to buy quality striker-fired pistols for half as much as the SR1911. However, for the features included on the SR1911 9mm, the price is very reasonable in the 1911 world. The other drawback is the Novak 3-dot white sights. These are quality sights – for range shooting, however a police agency will have to upgrade to some form of night sights. This added expense will likely push the SR1911 out of contention.

We have not had the opportunity to shoot the new 9mm SR1911, but the design features and quality appear to be top-notch. Ruger has been on fire over the last 5-6 years, selling millions of firearms each year. It goes to stand that this new SR1911 will perform with the quality expected of Ruger products.

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More shooting and fun with the Ruger SR1911 CMD, the Commander size 1911. Seems to be broken in just fine now. Cool little 1911.
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Ruger’s New 9mm SR1911 Commander


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