Emmett Police Department (ID)

K9 Roscoe was killed in a vehicle crash when the patrol car he was in was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while stopped at a red light at the intersection…
To learn more visit:

Here is police report: https://youtu.be/JPk7Aa3WnB8

Meridian Police Department
1401 E Watertower St
(208) 888-6678


Feel free to contact Meridian police and let them know how you feel about this video.

I was just relaxing and using the Internet in the Lowes parking lot when these guys pull up and star harassing me. I din do nuttin, and this is a private business.

After the interaction, the cop on the passenger side shined his flashlight right in my face. It was very bright and annoying. I got the impression that he did that as a form of revenge. They use their flashlights as weapons to annoy us.

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Emmett Police Department (ID)


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