President Obama Holds Meeting with BLM Activists and Police, Reports No Progress

President Obama hosted a marathon meeting at the White House on Wednesday with police, Black Lives Matter activists, civil rights leaders, and elected officials, but emerged predicting more civil unrest in the wake of protests over shooting deaths of minorities by police and the assassination of five white Dallas officers.

The president came out of the nearly four-hour-long meeting unable to report concrete progress, saying “there are still deep divisions about how to solve these problems” of race, policing and accusations of excessive force, the Washington Times reports.

“There is no doubt that police departments still feel embattled and unjustly accused,” Mr. Obama said. “And there is no doubt that minority communities, communities of color, still feel like it just takes too long to do what’s right. We have to as a country sit down and just grind it out.”


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In tonight’s Talking Points on responsibility and protests, Bill O’Reilly said that Black Lives Matter “is the key group driving violence on the streets.”

O’Reilly took issue with a statement by Atlanta BLM organizer Sir Maejor saying that he understood why a black man assassinated police officers in Dallas. O’Reilly called the comment “ridiculous” and “irresponsible,” but not a surprise coming from someone within that movement.

He said that unfortunately President Obama “doesn’t seem to understand the vitriol.” Obama said yesterday that well-meaning activists within the movement shouldn’t be held responsible for the indefensible things a fringe of protesters have said.

“With all due respect to President Obama, well-meaning activists do not associate themselves with a group that often commits violent acts and encourages violence through irresponsible rhetoric.”

He added that Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have participated in a Black Lives Matter protest.

“How many more times are we going to have to see Black Lives Matter protesters destroy stuff?” he asked.
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President Obama Holds Meeting with BLM Activists and Police, Reports No Progress


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