Shots fired at police officers

Officers had been called following reports of a man being seen in possession of a firearm.
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COPS TV Show, Shots Fired, Kansas City, MO Police Department
Officer Caleb Lenz of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempts to catch up to an officer that is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was spotted earlier in the evening. As he races to the scene, the officer radios shots fired and soon afterwards radios that he has been wounded in the gunfight. Officer Lenz arrives second on scene and finds another officer with the injured man and a witness frantically pointing out the direction in which the shooter traveled on foot. A quick search of the area turns up the shooter’s shedded clothing. A K-9 Unit tracks the shooter to a garage and when the man becomes confrontational the dog bites him as he is pulled from the shed. He is quickly detained and the semi-automatic weapon used in the gunfight is recovered. The young man is treated for his wounds as Officer Lenz talks to the K-9 Officer about the track. Lenz is given updated information that the wounded officer will be okay and is in good spirits.

12/16/2011 UPDATE!
Man in crime spree sentenced to 44 years

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Shots fired at police officers


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