3 reasons it’s important to document gang contacts

Nick Perna
Author: Nick Perna

As a gang investigator in California I often feel that I am on the front lines of new case law and legal defense techniques used to counter successful gang prosecutions. In recent years the pendulum has swung in favor of the gangsters, to the detriment of law enforcement.

A few relatively recent negative developments — one, a state Supreme Court decision and the other a legal defense strategy — have highlighted the need for doing thorough documentation and gang contacts.

The need to document First, let’s address that state Supreme Court decision in P…
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Cybersecurity. This is how a ransomware attack works:

1. Installation: After a victim’s computer is infected, the crypto-ransomware installs itself, and sets keys in the Windows Registry to start automatically every time your computer boots up.

2. Contacting headquarters: Before crypto-ransomware can attack, it contacts a server operated by the criminal gang that owns it.

3. Handshake and keys: The ransomware client and server identify each other through a carefully arranged “handshake”, and the server generates two crytographic keys. One key is kept on your computer, the second key is stored securely on the criminals’ server.

4. Encryption: With the cryptographic keys established, the ransomware on your computer starts encrypting every file it finds with any of dozens of common file extensions, from Microsoft Office documents to .jpg images and more.

5. Extortion: The ransomware displays a screen giving you a time limit to pay up before the criminals destroy the key to decrypt your files. The typical price, 0 to 0, must be paid in untraceable bitcoins or other electronic payments.

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3 reasons it’s important to document gang contacts


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