Mossberg’s New 590A1 Ghost Ring Police Shotgun

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O.F. Mossberg and Sons continues to impress with new and upgraded models of…
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So I’ve been WAY busy but it’s good to be back. I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about some options and features of the Mossberg 590A1 and I figured it was time to put up an update video. Since my early Mossberg videos, I’ve changed the look of the gun and added/dropped some components. Please comment for questions as I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things.

I generally enjoy shooting and collecting military guns, especially military surplus guns -the older kind. I like the look of a good rifle/shotgun with classic wood furniture and the concept behind this project was to make the 590A1 into something it is naturally able to do but is not made or marketed as: a trench gun.

It’s got the bayonet capability, as most 590A1 shotguns have, as well as a heat shield, wood furniture, a military sling, and an overall parkerzied finish on the steel. Some modern neccesities are things like ghost ring sights, a tritium front sight, and a side saddle, but I consider them still inline with the “trench gun concept.”

I did it for my own liking, but in a world of guns flooded with polymers and “tactical black” stocks and components, I think this modern-made shotgun stands out on the line.

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Mossberg’s New 590A1 Ghost Ring Police Shotgun


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