They’re listening: What cops need to know about criminals on police frequencies

Richard Fairburn
Author: Richard Fairburn

A sharp young officer in my state recently noticed a hand-held radio on the seat of a car he had stopped, and it seemed to be monitoring police radio traffic. The driver claimed it was a “scanner” as he handed it over, but the officer suspected otherwise. Hearing his own channel coming from the speaker, the officer pushed the “talk” button on the radio and spoke with his dispatcher — the radio was fully programmed to operate on the PD’s repeater system!

The incident was sent out on a law enforcement email net with the questio…
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Clifton Cop Brake Checks Motorist - Police Misconduct

Please follow me on twitter: @TheOmarB. Although it is not my personal account (I haven’t been on social media for a while,) I will use this to keep everyone updated, and I may try to setup rallies/protests if the opportunity presents itself.

UPDATE!: (6/16/16)
Well, my court June 13th appearance was uneventful for a few reasons. I am seeking a lawsuit against the city, and because of that, I will have to move the case to another city/courthouse because the judge and prosecutor have to be impartial and unbiased. I have a feeling it may be a while until something actually happens with this case. The next court date is scheduled for July 11th, but all that will happen is the announcement of the case moving to another city. Will keep everyone posted as soon as something happens. Additionally, I may create a facebook event, or twitter account specifically for this so that the updates can be quicker, AND I may possibly want to start protesting and rallying. Since the day this has happened, I haven’t received an apology from anyone. Not the mayor, not the councilmen, not the police chief, not the police department, not the internal affairs. This cop tried to cause an accident. I haven’t even heard a worth-while excuse for it yet. I know i’m not the only one who thinks that officers shouldn’t try to get into accidents with people, as well as harassing citizens and provoking them into getting arrested…because of that, I am contemplating setting up a twitter account, as well as protesting (with banners, shirts, etc.) because something should be done in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps if this made national news, something would be done quicker.

Any suggestions for protesting/rallying? What are your opinions?

–Omar B

Update 3: (6/10/2016)

Court is scheduled for Monday, June 13th! I think I got the notice late because of Memorial day weekend. Not sure what my attorney will do yet, but I don’t think the 13th will be the end of this. Not yet at-least.

— Omar B.

Update Video here (6/3/2016):

Update 1: (4/30/16)

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone supporting me. I didn’t know this video would get as much attention as it’s getting. Because of that, I feel like I should bring up what happened after the ‘traffic stop.’

On March 31st, I was eating with a friend at a local Zinburger. Afterwards, we were walking to my car and I was explaining to him what happened when the cop slammed on his brakes. A cop car happened to drive by us in the parking lot, and apparently, they overheard the conversation. The cop stopped the car, and confronted me. I don’t know how coincidental it is, but the cop was Velez, and a partner.

The first thing he said was “what did you say?” At this point, I was thinking “This guy’s a hot head,” and tried to diffuse the situation.

We kept going back and forth, but the officer said, “if you were a man, you would say something to my face.” The officer also said ,”you are a coward.” At that point, he started backing up and I said “sir, you have a badge and uniform and represent the state of NJ, and you act like that?”

At that point, he reapproached me again, shoulders square within 2 feet of me. Safe to say it was uncomfortable. Again, he said I was a coward. I am confident he was trying to provoke me into saying or doing something thst would warrant an arrest, so I just repeated “I will see you in court,” at which point I offered to shake his hand, but he just walked away.

I did not put this in the video because I didn’t have proof of it, but I have initiated a case with internal affairs about a week after it happened. I also have a witness in my friend who will be involved in the investigation. The partner can also be asked if this happened, but I doubt he would be willing to speak about it.

Regardless, the investigator that I spoke to will be checking if Velez was on duty on the day and time in question, which I was accurately able to provide, along with the my friend’s contact info.
Police misconduct. Cop brake checks motorist, caught on dash cam.
Officer Velez of the Clifton Police Department
Location: Clifton, New Jersey. Passaic county.

I tried to convey my thoughts accurately in the video, but I don’t believe it is being received how I would like it to be received. Again, I am grateful for the police. By no means am I saying that all police officers are uneducated and under-trained. There are plenty of officers who care about what they do, and thus, they are efficient at what they do, and we should be grateful for them providing a safe environment for us. I am not grouping all police officers together.

That being said, I believe requiring officers to have more education will substantially decrease the frequency of situations like this and will ultimately benefit all of society.
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They’re listening: What cops need to know about criminals on police frequencies


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