Copblock Radio EP 129: “Cover-ups and Corruption”

This week on Copblock Radio our hosts were myself (Severin Freeman) from Lehigh Valley Copblock, and Matt Taylor of Carbon County Copblock. We kept the guests to a minimum this week due to having so many stories we wanted to cover. We apologize to everyone who tried to call in– we knew we had a lot of material to cover &…
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On this Episode Copblock Radio Severin Freeman or Lehigh Valey Cop Block, Mathhew Taylor of Carbon County Cop Block, Ric Gonzalez of Allentown Cop Block, and Scott Marshall Of the Oath Accountibility Project will talk about how an 11yr old named Mikey saved drivers from extortion, some Sacramento cops who have decided to wear their own flag in place of the Americans, and how a FloridaJudge gave a man 60 years in prison for driving with a suspended licsens
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Copblock Radio EP 129: “Cover-ups and Corruption”


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