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Training is by ACT Cert Founder, Mr. Alon Stivi, an internationally recognized expert in counterterrorism, corporate and school security and a combat veteran of the Israeli Special Forces. Mr. Stivi serves as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Operations Bureau (EOB) and is a Department of Homeland Security trainer.

As a Last Resort, when escape is impossible, what do you do to save yourself and others, from an Active Shooter or a Terrorist entering your classroom, office, business, or home, with the clear intent on killing you?

– In order to survive the murderous rampage of an Active Shooter or Terrorist you must be able to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances and take immediate action.

– Under life threatening circumstances, a person automatically resorts to employing skills that have been practiced previously.

– Pre-incident training can save lives.

– The risk of facing an Active Shooter or Terrorist someday will not be reduced by ignoring it. In order to survive an Active Shooter or Terrorist attack, you must be prepared, think like a survivor, manage your stress and act swiftly.

– This ACT Cert Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival training will increase survivability. The techniques taught in our full course are truly the Last Resort Survival Measures, where you have two choices:

1. Do nothing and die or,
2. Fight back as a team, using team tactics – what we call “Collective Resistance” and live.

Do an Internet search with the key words “Active Shooter Survival” and you will find multiple web links from top government and educational institutions that provide useful information on how to respond to an Active Shooter. However…

The information provided is very generic and offers only a few bullet points like “do whatever you have to do to incapacitate the shooter”, or “run, hide, fight” with very little supporting information. The ACT Cert Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course fills in the need for specific information and provides step-by-step instruction on HOW to do it.

We tell you in exact detail and easy to understand lessons how to safely hide and escape from an Active Shooter and how to take down an Active Shooter using Last Resort Survival Measures.

We do so through an advanced online learning platform using interactive videos, supporting material and a forum of experts to answer your questions.

The techniques taught in this full course are simple and effective and can be learned and used by men, women and young adults.

Three key reality-based lessons:

1. Preparing for the Active Shooter:
– How to get out of the Shooter’s kill zone.
– How to use an ordinary object to stop or slow down the impact of a bullet.
– Learn the difference between cover and concealment.
– Learn how Shooters think and how to use this knowledge against them.

2. Disrupting the Shooter’s Intentions:
– Learn what to do and not to do when the Shooter enters your room.
– Learn what to do during the critical few seconds of the attack to save yourself and others.

3. Responding to an Active Shooter:
– Learn two survival rules of escaping under fire.
– Watch the astonishing life and death difference between taking action to save yourself or just hiding under a table.
– Learn how to outdo the Shooter’s frame of reference and gain the advantage.
– Learn how to collectively stop the Shooter’s attack.

When you complete the full course, you will realize that if law abiding citizens had applied these simple techniques against the 9/11 Terrorist hijackers or during the attacks in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, and others, the outcome may have been completely different.

By teaching these “Last Resort Active Shooter Survival Measures”, the ACT Cert Team is not implying or expects that people in general, office & retail workers, school & hospital staff voluntarily engage an armed assailant unless there is absolutely no other choice. Your first objective is always to separate yourself and others from a threat as quickly and as safely as possible.

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ACT Cert would like to extend special thanks to: Lt. Commander Steve Diamond USN (Ret.), Prof. Raymond Novaco (UCI), Chief of Police Dave Snowden (Ret.), Spiro Demetriadi, Michael Mendelsohn, George Hardman, Jeff Greenberg, and the students of the School Of Social Science at the University of California at Irvine.

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Active Shooter Training Online and Free


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