Fenton Police Department (LA)

Police Officer Shannon Brown succumbed to injuries sustained on August 7th, 2016, when he was struck by a vehicle while conducting a traffic stop on U.S. Route 165, near Fourth……
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US Secret Service (now part of DHS- Department of Homeland Security) confuses fictitious ninjas with real terrorists,
Probably should not have done that.
Had this happened in a post Patriot Act world — maybe we would see game genius in Gitmo without trail for a decade.
In 1993, the offices of Steve Jackson Games were raided by Federal agents for suspected hacking and terrorist activities.
Had the government researched before barging in, they would have found that Jackson’s game manuals about Ninjas, super-spies and hackers were not subversive literature but fit quite well with his game books about Zombie munchins, vampires and Orcs.
Steve Jackson defended himself and after several years and a small fortune, he got his seized computers and books back and won a rare apology from the US Government. A bittersweet victory for justice in a case that should have never been.
The twist: today, under the NDAA signed by Obama and supported by Romney, terrorist suspects can be held without trial INDEFINITELY. Some say that only “terrorists” should have fear of this — but what separates mistakes, stupidity, corruption, vendettas or bad police work from fact is that right to a trial — its what separates us from the days of the Salem witch hunts when the accusation was the punishment.
Had this draconian and unconstitutional law existed in 1993, it’s very possible that game designer Steve Jackson would still be in prison. How many more innocent people would be with him?

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Fenton Police Department (LA)


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