Transparent Armor Window Insert

The Hardwire Transparent Armor Window Insert is a custom-designed piece of transparent armor that seamlessly covers the existing window in a police car door. It provides ballistic protection for the officer inside the vehicle while still allowing for community engagement. The insert requires NO modifications to the car.


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1980 Williams Black Knight Pinball Machine In Action

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Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985) [Trade Name: Williams]
Model Number: 500
Common Abbreviations: BK
MPU: Williams System 7
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
Production: 13,075 units (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database ( (External site)
Theme: Historical – Knights
Notable Features: Flippers (4), Pop bumper (1), 3-bank drop targets (4), Kick-out holes (2), Rollunder spinner (1). Magna-Save on both inlanes. Split-Level Playfield with 3 ramps. Left horseshoe lane. Bonus Ball, 2- or 3-ball Multiball.
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Art by: Tony Ramunni
Software by: Larry DeMar
Notes: Black Knight’ introduced ‘Magna-Save’ and the Bonus Ball concept where the player with the highest score won additional seconds of free play. BK was also the first game ever that had a split level or “two level” playfield. Magna-Save was a feature where a user could press a button on either side and magnets would prevent the ball from draining via that outlane. It would stop and hold the ball and drop it into the inlane. The user had to perform some task to re-enable magnasave.

Steve Ritchie confirmed his voice was used on this game.

Comments from designer Steve Ritchie:

Black Knight was the first game ever to employ faceted inserts (the transparent inlaid plastic windows) in the playfield. My design was a simple eight-sided “Jewel Look”, but insert texturing progressed from there to many different designs, finally settling on refracting radial lines originating at the center of round and rectangular inserts and from points of arrows and lightning bolts, etc.

In the beginning of the production run, the transformer was located in the backbox, and the game used power supply board part# D-7999, with a stand-alone General Illumination Relay mounted to the backbox floor. During production, the transformer was moved to the lower cabinet and the G.I. Relay was then mounted on a new power supply board, part# D-8345.

Pictured in this listing is the inside backbox of an Early Production game having System 7 boards in it, except for the power supply board which is System 6. The serial number of the game is 460804 and the playfield has “Dec 2 1980” on it. Reportedly, several more games with System 6 power supplies have been sighted in Germany and they likely are also Early Production, but no serial numbers for them have been identified to us.

From France, we have a picture of the inside lower cabinet for an Early Production game having serial number 458205 and the owner states it has a regular System 6 Power board. This picture shows a board upon which rests the line filter and the main power fuse. The transformer, normally found on this board in later games in the production run, is located in the backbox.

Also pictured in this listing is a Pre-Production backglass owned for many years by Steve Ritchie. The knight’s armor is a teal color, not gray like in production glasses. Only one was made. The current owner states this glass is a lot thinner than regular backglasses, and that artist Tony Ramunni’s signature on it is different.
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Transparent Armor Window Insert


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