Maryville Police Department (TN)

Police Officer Kenny Moats was shot and killed after responding to a domestic violence call at a home near the intersection of Kerrway Lane and Alcoa Trail at approximately 4:00……
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Gary Evans’ son Cole died after a freak sportbike crash on US129 before reaching the Dragon. Video from John Cole Evans Memorial Concert in Maryville TN 2009.

TDOT Safety Audit Review bans business on US129 at Deals Gap Dragon: “The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) has decided to take action in eliminating commercial activity along state right-of-way in the project area. This enforcement is intended to disallow persons from taking photographs of vehicles and motorcyclists with the intent of selling the photographs at a later date. The THP contends this activity is a hazard o public safety. It is recommended that signs be placed at the entrance of each end of the route advising this policy.” -Tennessee Department of Transportation, ROAD SAFETY AUDIT REVIEW, STATE ROUTE 115 (U.S. 129), BLOUNT COUNTY, 25 July 2007

Biker tickets increase 11,400% on the Dragon at Deals Gap, death rate increases 1,000% due to lack of medical response

Dragon CLOSED for 2010

3rd Annual John Cole Evans Memorial Benefit Concert

WFO Dragon song by Middle Finger

Car Wash Girls Gone Wild

Big Daddy’s Scoots & Sports Bar

Gary’s Bike Repair
Calderwood Hwy
Tallassee, TN 37878
(old Tallassee Store)

Deals Gap TT

129 deals gap tail dragon sportbike superbike motogp buell harley daytona sturgis hooters

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Maryville Police Department (TN)


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