New Springfield Armory OSP XDM

The new Springfield Armory XDM) OSP with Vortex Venom red dot optic.

The new Springfield Armory XD(M) OSP with Vortex Venom red dot optic.

Springfield Armory has ventured into the reflex optic pistol market with their brand new XD(M)® OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol). The new XD(M) OSP is designed to allow shooters to attach their choice of the most popular red dot pistol optics directly to the XD(M)®…
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The XDM improvements are a win. I would prefer the XDM over the XD if I’m buying one. While I don’t consider the improvements revolutionary, they are meaningful and help perfect the design. In the XDM you will note: a more streamlined slide profile, “Mega Lock” grip traction, larger magazine capacities (19 rds 9mm, 16 rds .40 SW!), improved slide serrations, frame indentations, match grade barrel, shorter reset and lighter “U.S.A.” trigger, Melonite® rust proofing on the blackened slides, extended mag release (but still unobtrusive), outstanding sights (love them!), multi-slot accessory rail, and simplified non-firing fieldstrip. Also this XDM weighs in at an impressive 28.5 ounces; an accomplishment for a full size 19-round service pistol. These improvements make the XDM design even better and more shootable for many users. And yet the XDM remains a very high value gun, with lots of included accessories in the reasonable price and excellent durability (the included case is the best I’ve seen in any handgun rig and the inclusion of 3 mags is outstanding value). That is another reason it has garnered so many fans. For me comparisons against the Glock are still appropriate and each design has its highpoints and for many it will just boil down to personal preference. For small-handed shooters however, the XDM (and XD) might make a better choice with its small circumfrence grip (even with the 4th Gen Glocks). It’s 1911 grip angle is indeed excellent and preferred by me. But I still like the Glock ergos and its grip angle poses no problems for me. But in my shooting of this Model #XDM9211 (correction from vid where I said it was 9201), I found more to like about the XDM. I am fond of the trigger and what I perceive to be a lighter and crisper pull (albeit more takeup) than the compared 3rd Gen Glock 17. It does make higher accuracy possible with some shooters. The serrated rear sight positioned to the rear of the slide, resulting in a longer sighting radius, also rocked. Accuracy was excellent in my shooting and in one session from 25 yards standing in the snowy desert it beat the Glock. It is a 2 to 3 inch capable platform at 25 yards, just like the Glock. The other features and XDm improvements (and accompanying philosophy) are covered in this review/update vid. But the plot thickens again with the XD/XDM design in the Nutfancy Project and the impressive desert performance was tempered by some indoor range surprises with the TNP crew. In that session the Glock 17 came out on top for my shooting and proved to be the more reliable platform with all the shooters (thanks to Sterling of Impact Guns and “PFIDude” who helped!). I still like the XDM and the surprises could happen to other brands (but are troubling for me). For its lower profile ergos, personally-proven reliability (my own trust level), lighter weight, and better looks (FOR ME) I will still usually reach for and carry the Glock in many POUs. However futher experience with the XDM has endeared me to the design and I will add one to the TNP inventory for long term testing one day. It is an outstanding, high value combat pistol design. ///////////////////////// XDM Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 8 of 10 (assuming full reliability), ///////////////////////// Glock 17 3rd Gen Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 of 10 ///////////////////////// Music: ////////////// Music used by license from Derek R. Audette – (Socan), CC 2.5
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New Springfield Armory OSP XDM


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